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Oasis Publishing HouseOperation Serve®, through its publishing arm Oasis Publishing House, publishes two to four books a year concerning leadership training, church development, and evangelism. We also strive to cover topics on relevant, every day issues that would have a lasting impact on the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Pastoral Theology by Rev. Dr. Samir Abaskhiroune &
Rev. Dr. Ayad Shenouda

Pastoral TheologyPublished in Arabic
This book was written to help equip future pastors by meeting their practical needs for pastoring.  It is being used by the Egyptian Assemblies of God as one of the main sources of practical preparation for their bible school students.  Dr. Samir has been in the ministry for over 50 years and Dr. Ayad for over 65 years.  Dr. Samir serves as the Dean of the Middle East Bible College and Dr. Ayad as the President of the college.  They have mentored and released into the ministry literally thousands of ministers.

by Rev. Par A. Kletos

An Encounter with Jesus ChristPublished in Arabic
Rev. Kletos uses Old Testament concepts to introduce his readers to Christ and further disciple them into a strong relationship with the Lord.  Encounter with Jesus Christ helps believers better know the Father and His Son.  This book is ideal for the discipleship of those who were raised in the Middle East.  It is a practical and easy read, and will captivate the attention of those you disciple.

8 Sure Ways to FailPublished in Arabic
In his book, 8 Sure Ways to Fail, Pastor Ralph Holland shares his experiences as a missionary and pastor and the pitfalls he has reached along the way.

Pastor Ralph shows the importance of being a leader with a defined vision and a forgiving, healing heart. If you are a leader at any level – church, work or home – this book will speak truth into your life.

Courage to LeadPublished in Arabic
"Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them."
  ~Joshua 1:6

Successful leadership takes courage and strength - in all areas of your life. What are the prerequisites to success in leadership? Are leaders born or made? Can one be trained to be a better leader? How does God call leaders? Courage to Lead answers these questions and more as Dr. Sheats is uniquely qualified to teach the intricate study of Leadership.

Visionary LeadershipDrs. Sameh & Samir Sadik bring a unique, multi-cultural perspective on leadership. While discussing the importance of communicating vision, the authors tackle difficult issues such as visionary opposition and worldly vs. Christian leadership.

If you are a pastor or church leader and have suffered opposition in fulfilling God’s vision in your life and ministry, this book is for you!

The Accountable LeaderPublished in Arabic
Accountability puts everyone under divine obligation to live up to God's standard of holiness, righteousness, and truthfulness. Every privilege in life is followed by responsibility and culminates in accountability. A deep sense of accountability helps us perform our obligations in life with precision and submission to the highest authority over us.

This book contains numerous principles, stories and experiences, in order to help you become an accountable leader.

The Exemplary LeaderPublished in Arabic
Leading by example is one of the most important characteristics of a leader – and sometimes one of the most difficult. When leaders do not act upon their teaching, all accountability is lost.

We aim to be exemplary in any leadership position, but how do we attain this? Dr. Deir discusses the importance of being mature in character and excellent in performance – two ways to be an exemplary leader.

Foundation TruthsTranslated into nearly 30 different languages, this book is an excellent tool for pastors around the world wanting to build a sound theological base in their congregation. Birthed out of a need for consistent discipleship training for the church body, Rev. Yerton designed this systematic discipleship/Bible study to address various issues within the Christian life.

Honey, I Shrunk the DevilPublished in Arabic
Even with the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus, Christians continue to open doors in their lives to an enemy who has no answers, no strength and no power over our Sovereign God. Have we forgotten that “Great is our Lord and mighty in power”?

Allow Diane Sloan to help you shrink the demons in your life, bringing Satan down to size. Find out how a Christ-centered, yielded life destroys the power of this defeated foe and releases the power of the Holy Spirit in ways you may never have realized were possible.

Whose Child is ThisPublished in Arabic
Bill Wilson is the founder of Metro Ministries International, a dynamic organization in Brooklyn, NY reaching more than 22,000 children each week with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Wilson's powerful vision of reaching hurting youngsters in tough, inner-city neighborhoods is being duplicated in over 500 cities across North America and around the world.

Firm Foundation Published in Arabic
Bob and Rose Wiener's Bible Studies for a Firm Foundation covers the basics of Christian faith. In a question and answer format that provides a scriptural reference to every question, you can quickly follow along with your Bible to get to the heart of the matter. Space is available to write answers and take notes on each page. (Answer key provided at the end of the book).

To Purchase a copy in English you may contact Maranatha Publications at:

Phone: (904) 645-3965 | Fax: (904) 645-3966

The House that God BuiltPublished in Arabic
The Christian Church of the 21st century is drowning in a flood of human ideas and programs to bring "God's dreams" to pass. God is solemnly calling us to enter the gates of His true house. It is here that we will discover and learn to practically live out the spiritual order of the House that God built for David... and of the House that God is building in and with us!

Living in the Spirit of RevivalPublished in Arabic
Would you like your church not only to experience revival, but to maintain the Spirit of revival for years, even after the newness and freshness wears thin? Are you ready for the price of revival?

Revival is for you and your church. Whether you are a pastor, leader or believer hungry and desperate for God, this book is for you. It's time to experience the power and impact of revival in your life today!

Conspiracy of KindnessPublished in Arabic
Steve Sjogren blows the cover on a powerful conspiracy that has made inroads into the hearts of millions of people. It's called the "Conspiracy of Kindness" and operates on a simple premise: that God is passionately in love with unbelievers and can win them most effectively through acts of kindness. If you're burnt out on evangelism, if sharing the gospel doesn't seem to be your gift, join the ranks of those who are best suited for becoming secret agents of God's love.

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