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Praise Reports:

2011 Mercy Mission Results

  • Praying Touching 17,295 souls for Christ. A total of 4025 in Medical, 756 in Dental, 4315 in Optical, 2670 in Hair Care, 2752 in Children, and 2777 in various other programs.
  • In 2011 we saw 1,677 salvations. Throughout the history of the ministry on average for every international team member 3 people come to Christ, but this year we saw an average of 7 salvations for every team member.
  • A total of 7 Interns were trained over the course of the summer programs; 5 from the US and 2 Mexican interns.
  • Mobilized a total of 212 team members from 62 sending churches, and facilitated 13 national outreaches.

2011 Community Development Results

  • Boy with esl certificateThe ESL program graduated 42 students with 5 teachers. ESL was facilitated by our missionary staff during the spring and fall of 2011.
  • Christmas toys were given out to more than 976 children in Mexico City, more than 1263 people participated in the Christmas celebration.
  • A total of 703 bags of groceries were handed out through the 2011 year. Groceries were handed out in Egypt during the Resurrection celebration and in Mexico during one team week and the Christmas week.
  • 80 canvas bags of supplies were given to children.
  • 212 struggling Pastors and families in Egypt were able to receive groceries and financial gifts during Easter.

2011 Leadership Training Results

  • Leadership TrainingA total of 2 leadership conferences were held this year in Egypt; one youth conference and one leadership conference. Over 390 pastors attended the 2 conferences that were held.
  • Over 128 Pastors and Leaders were enrolled in the Masters Program in Egypt. There were a total of 7 graduations from the Masters program and 1 with a Bachelors degree.