Operation Serve International

Mercy Mission Field Stories from Mexico

Optical Vision

A teammate and I were working in the Optical area running the Auto-refractor in a separate tent. We started out the day praying for every patient but then we got a little bit behind when one of the little guys we were praying for started having church! He was crying and worshiping the Lord as we anointed and prayed for him and he didn't want to leave! I'm guessing about 15 minutes later we were able to send him on his way to have his eye exam. The person who did his eye exam reported that he didn't have to have glasses and neither did anyone else who sat in his chair after him!

Praying for individuals before optical exams


Maria, Maria – Vision Restored

Maria's vision is restored

Meet MARIA! MARIA is 95 years old. When she came to us she was totally blind in her right eye and could only see the teeny tiniest shadow in her left eye. We had to help guide her into her chair because she couldn't see anything. One of our teenagers had told us a couple of days ago that she felt like God told her that someone was going to be healed of blindness. So before Molly and I prayed for MARIA, we went asked the teen to come and pray with us. Maria's sight is now 20/40 and she can read words on a piece of paper! Needless to say we are all rejoicing! Thank you Jesus.

Take Your Burdens to the Cross and Lay them Down

This 15 year old girl has a heartbreaking story with an amazing healing that took place today. Her father was shot 3 times and killed just a short while ago. She slipped into a deep depression and began cutting herself and contemplating suicide. She felt hopeless, desperate and unloved. She shared these things with us and we began to speak to her about her value in Jesus and the unconditional love that God has for her and how God can heal her hurts and use her to speak healing to others that are feeling hopeless like her. I explained that I don't pretend to understand what she is going through but God knows. We spoke to her about the love that her mother also has for her as well. She began to cry and gave her heart to Jesus! She vowed to never give up on life but to give her burdens to Jesus and leave them at his feet I believe that she will soon walk in a completely healed state of mind and declare the goodness and faithfulness of our god to the people around her.

Burdens liftes


Genaro Receives more than Sight

God touches and restores a man who had a stroke

Genaro, the man in the picture, had a stroke recently and when he came in he could barely walk or talk. Joel and I prayed for him and he took a seat to wait his turn in line for an eye exam. When it was his turn for his exam, it was my turn for a patient. The first thing he struggled to tell me is that he could not talk. I told him it was perfectly fine because the exam was set up to be given with hand signals. As we began the test he used the hand signals but also said the directions out loud. He passed his distance exam with no problem. Then we did the near sighted exam and he indicated he could only see the bigger letters. So, I found the reading glasses prescription that he needed. I asked him if he could see the smallest letters and he said yeas and proceeded to read the entire bottom line out loud!! Then I prayed for him again and he gave me a big hug and told me he was bringing his wife back tomorrow to see me. Then he went to speak with the local church leaders who prayed with him to receive Jesus. While they were praying his arms began to shake as he was being touched by God. After that he got up and was able to jog across the room! Truly God has done a work in this man's life and heart. I can't' wait to meet his wife tomorrow.


An Amazing Week

It would be impossible for me to put into words how amazing this week has been. My heart is so full. I was blessed and inspired by the people of Mexico. They are so gracious, thoughtful and kind. These 2 girls here absolutely made my week. Both have horrible eye sight and neither have had glasses....ever! You can only imagine how excited they were after. I got hugs upon hugs from both after. There are so many things that I take for granted back home. This gave me a whole new perspective on contentment and thankfulness.

2 Girls receive much needed eyewear